Miyajima Souvenir Shop FUNATSUKI
586 Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi City Hiroshima 739-0588, JAPAN
TEL⁄FAX : 0829-44-0333
Business hours : 9:30〜17:30
Miyajima Souvenir Shop FUNATSUKI   We have various Miyajima souvenirs such as round trays with Miyajima carving, rice scoops for daily use and wall hanging scoops with good luck wishes.



Woodwork on Miyajima is designated as Traditional Craft by the Japanese Government.
Shamoji, ricescoop is closely related with Miyajima. Miyajima rice scoops are the most popular Miyajima souvenirs.
We have rice scoops and spatulas for daily use and also Good-luck scoops.
These pieces are all handmade one by one by craftsmen on this island.
 > rice scoops
Scoops made of mulberry and cherry wood are easy to use and durable.
Wood associated with perennial youth and long life.
Both right-hander use and left-hander use are available.
 > Cherry kitchen tools
Spatula, Butter knife, Jam spoon.
 > Good-luck scoops
Shakushi, rice scoop is believed to scoop up good luck as well. Why not find one to your taste?
[必勝] Victory
[幸福] Happiness
[やる気一発] High Motivation
[酒は飲んでも呑まれるな] Enjoy drinking without getting drunk
[あんたが最高] You are No.1
[商売繁盛] Good Business
[幸福] Happiness
[健康] Health
[夫婦円満] Happy Couple
[家内安全] Family Happiness
[商売繁盛] Good Business
[必勝] Victory
[絶対合格] Definite Success in Entrance Exam
[合格] Success in Entrance Exam
[金運上昇] Good Luck with Money
[良縁祈願] Good Luck in Finding Marriage Partner
[無事息災] Good Health
[肥満大敵] No Obesity
[あんたが最高] You are No.1


Woodwork on Miyajima

Woodwork on Miyajima is designated as Traditional Craft by the Japanese Government.
Special feature of Miyajima woodwork is making the best use of natural grain of wood and intricate carving.
The most popular pieces among visitors from overseas are trays and rice scoops with Miyajima landscape carving. Woodwork with World Heritage Site carving makes good souvenir not only for Japanese but also people overseas.



Besides woodwork pieces Miyajima has various folkcrafts.
Miyajima papier-mache figures, Miyajima clay bells of Ochi kiln, Kendama wooden toy, etc.

 > Miyajima clay bells of Ochi kiln
Each peace is still hand-made following traditional method. Simple and rustic folk craft ceramic.
Ryo-o, Bugaku (Musical court-dance) performed at the Itsukushima Shrine.
 > Miyajima papier-mache figures
All the process is done by hand. Cororful and humourous papier-mache figures.
 > Kendama
Hatsukaichi is said to be birthplace of Kendama toy.
Kendama toy World Chanpionship is held in Hatsukaichi.
 > Miniature models
Wooden Torii gate, landmark of Miyajima. Miniature models of all sizes are available.
width×height : 9.5cm×7cm〜33cm×24cm


Seasonal specials

Seasonal specials, popular among visitors from overseas as well.
Hina-dolls for Girls Day in March, Samurai-dolls for Boys Day in May, fans, Chinese Zodiac figures.

 > Hina-dolls for Girls Day in March
Hina-dolls are a pair of figures decorated on Peach Blossom Festival ( March 3rd ) wishing girls' health & happiness.
 > Samurai dolls
Samurai dolls are displayed around the Boys' Festival (May 5th) wishing boys' growing healthy ang strong.
Samurai Helmet wishing the boy's success in life.
 > Fans
Fans are Japan's typical products. With beautiful scenery of four different seasons and floral patterns, fans make very popular souvenirs.
They are folded into compact size.
 > the Chinese 12-animal zodiac
During the year-end and New Year holidays various kinds of decotative objects based on the Chinese 12-animal zodiac are available.


Other popular souvenirs.

Good luck beckoning cats, Wooden Kokeshi dolls, Memento magnets make good souvenirs. Paper lanterns exclusively made for our shop are popular, too.

 > Kumano make-up brushes
Kumano make-up brushes made by qualified traditional craftsman of natural materials. Easy-to-use and serviceable, popular both in Japan and overseas.
 > Good luck beckoning cats
Left hands are believed to beckon good human resources and luck, while right hands beckon money and good luck. Very popular souvenirs.
 > Memento magnets
For memory of MIYAJIMA. We have lot's of reasonable price magnets.
 > Wooden Kokeshi dolls
Kokeshi is handmaid by skilled craftmen entirly from wood-cutting to painting.
These kokeshi are now recognized as one of the traditional folk arts in japan.
 > Miyajima lantern
Our shop's original lantern.
Goodluck and lot's of fortune. They will bring you happiness.
 > KIMONO winebottle cover
Bottle cover for wine, champagne, sake.
Beautiful KIMONO design, good for souvenir and party.
Easy to make, just 3 steps.